Source code for django_sorcery.db.alembic.signals

"""Default alembic signal configuration."""

from ...db import signals

[docs]def include_object(obj, name, type_, reflected, compare_to): """The default include_object handler for alembic, delegates to alembic_include_object signal. The return value will be considered True if all the signal handlers return True for the object to be included in migration. """ results = signals.alembic_include_object.send( obj, name=name, type_=type_, reflected=reflected, compare_to=compare_to ) if results: return all(res[1] for res in results) return True
[docs]def process_revision_directives(context, revision, directives): """The default process_revision_directives handler for alembic, delegates to alembic_process_revision_directives.""" signals.alembic_process_revision_directives.send(context, revision=revision, directives=directives)