Source code for django_sorcery.formsets.inline

"""InlineFormSet for sqlalchemy."""

from ..db import meta
from ..forms import ModelForm
from .base import BaseModelFormSet, modelformset_factory

[docs]class BaseInlineFormSet(BaseModelFormSet): """A formset for child objects related to a parent.""" def __init__(self, data=None, files=None, instance=None, save_as_new=False, prefix=None, queryset=None, **kwargs): self.instance = if instance is None else instance self.save_as_new = save_as_new if queryset is None: queryset = getattr(self.instance,, []) super().__init__(data, files, prefix=prefix, queryset=queryset, **kwargs)
[docs] @classmethod def get_default_prefix(cls): return
[docs] def initial_form_count(self): return 0 if self.save_as_new else super().initial_form_count()
[docs] def save(self, flush=False, **kwargs): instances = super().save(flush=flush) setattr(self.instance,, instances) return instances
def _get_relation_info(relation): info = meta.model_info(relation.parent) rel = info.relationships[relation.key] if rel.uselist: return rel raise ValueError(f"Relationship '{relation}' is not one to many or many to many.") def _get_foreign_key(relation, parent_model, model, fk_name=None): info = meta.model_info(parent_model) if fk_name is None: relations = [ relation for relation in info.relationships.values() if relation.related_model == model and relation.uselist ] if len(relations) == 1: return relations[0] raise ValueError(f"Couldn't find a relation from '{parent_model.__name__}' to '{model.__name__}'.")
[docs]def inlineformset_factory( parent_model=None, model=None, relation=None, form=ModelForm, formset=BaseInlineFormSet, fk_name=None, fields=None, exclude=None, extra=3, can_order=False, can_delete=True, max_num=None, formfield_callback=None, widgets=None, validate_max=False, localized_fields=None, labels=None, help_texts=None, error_messages=None, min_num=None, validate_min=False, field_classes=None, session=None, ): """Return an ``InlineFormSet`` for the given kwargs. ``fk_name`` must be provided if ``model`` has more than one ``ForeignKey`` to ``parent_model``. """ if relation is not None: fk = _get_relation_info(relation) parent_model = fk.parent_model model = fk.related_model else: fk = _get_foreign_key(relation, parent_model, model, fk_name=fk_name) kwargs = { "form": form, "formfield_callback": formfield_callback, "formset": formset, "extra": extra, "can_delete": can_delete, "can_order": can_order, "fields": fields, "exclude": exclude, "min_num": min_num, "max_num": max_num, "widgets": widgets, "validate_min": validate_min, "validate_max": validate_max, "localized_fields": localized_fields, "labels": labels, "help_texts": help_texts, "error_messages": error_messages, "field_classes": field_classes, "session": session, } FormSet = modelformset_factory(model, **kwargs) = fk return FormSet