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"""Namespaced Django command."""
import inspect
import os

import sqlalchemy as sa
from import BaseCommand, CommandParser

[docs]class NamespacedCommand(BaseCommand): """Namespaced django command implementation.""" @property def commands(self): """Returns the subcommands in the namespace.""" if not hasattr(self, "_commands"): self._commands = {} for _ in reversed(self.__class__.mro()): self._commands.update( { name: cmd_cls for name, cmd_cls in vars(self.__class__).items() if inspect.isclass(cmd_cls) and hasattr(cmd_cls, "mro") and BaseCommand in cmd_cls.mro() } ) return self._commands
[docs] def run_command_from_argv(self, command, argv): """Runs the subcommand with namespace adjusted argv.""" = cmd_args = argv[:] cmd_args[0] = " ".join([cmd_args[0], cmd_args.pop(1)]) command.run_from_argv(cmd_args)
[docs] def run_from_argv(self, argv): self._called_from_command_line = True if len(argv) > 2 and not argv[2].startswith("-") and argv[2] in self.commands: command = self.commands.get(argv[2])(stdout=self.stdout, stderr=self.stderr) self.run_command_from_argv(command, argv) else: self.print_help(argv[0], argv[1])
[docs] def create_parser(self, prog_name, subcommand): # for django<2.1 compat, filter kwargs args = sa.util.get_cls_kwargs(CommandParser) kwargs = { "cmd": None, "prog": f"{os.path.basename(prog_name)} {subcommand}", "description": or None, } parser = CommandParser(**{k: v for k, v in kwargs.items() if k in args}) for name, command_cls in self.commands.items(): parser.add_argument(name, return parser
[docs] def print_help(self, prog_name, subcommand): parser = self.create_parser(prog_name, subcommand) parser.print_help(self.stdout)