Source code for django_sorcery.views.list

"""Django list view things for sqlalchemy."""

from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
from django.views.generic.base import TemplateResponseMixin, View

from .base import BaseMultipleObjectMixin

[docs]class MultipleObjectMixin(BaseMultipleObjectMixin): """A mixin for views manipulating multiple objects.""" context_object_name = "object_list"
[docs] def get_context_object_name(self, object_list): """Get the name to use for the object.""" if self.context_object_name: return self.context_object_name model = self.get_model() return "%s_list" % model.__name__.lower()
[docs] def get_context_data(self, object_list=None, **kwargs): """Get the context for this view.""" queryset = object_list if object_list is not None else self.object_list page_size = self.get_paginate_by(queryset) context_object_name = self.get_context_object_name(queryset) if page_size: paginator, page, queryset, is_paginated = self.paginate_queryset(queryset, page_size) context = {"paginator": paginator, "page_obj": page, "is_paginated": is_paginated, "object_list": queryset} else: context = {"paginator": None, "page_obj": None, "is_paginated": False, "object_list": queryset} if context_object_name is not None: context[context_object_name] = queryset context.update(kwargs) return super().get_context_data(**context)
[docs]class BaseListView(MultipleObjectMixin, View): """A base view for displaying a list of objects."""
[docs] def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs): """Handle GET request on list view.""" self.object_list = self.get_queryset() context = self.get_context_data() return self.render_to_response(context)
[docs]class MultipleObjectTemplateResponseMixin(TemplateResponseMixin): """Mixin for responding with a template and list of objects.""" template_name_suffix = "_list"
[docs] def get_template_names(self): """Return a list of template names to be used for the request. Must return a list. May not be called if render_to_response is overridden. """ try: names = super().get_template_names() except ImproperlyConfigured: # If template_name isn't specified, it's not a problem -- # we just start with an empty list. names = [] # If the list is a queryset, we'll invent a template name based on the # app and model name. This name gets put at the end of the template # name list so that user-supplied names override the automatically- # generated ones. if hasattr(self, "get_model_template_name"): names.append(self.get_model_template_name()) elif not names: raise ImproperlyConfigured( "%(cls)s requires either a 'template_name' attribute or a get_queryset() method that returns a " "QuerySet." % {"cls": self.__class__.__name__} ) return names
[docs]class ListView(MultipleObjectTemplateResponseMixin, BaseListView): """Render some list of objects, set by `self.model` or `self.queryset`. `self.queryset` can actually be any iterable of items, not just a queryset. """